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The law office of Ronald M. Aal, in Denver, represents clients throughout the state of Colorado in matters related to drunk driving (DUI/DWAI) charges. It is important to hire a drunk driving defense attorney immediately after your arrest — there are important court and hearing deadlines that you do not want to miss.

In the state of Colorado, there are two different systems involved in a DUI or DWAI charge; the court system and motor vehicle system. The court system determines whether the driver is guilty of driving under the influence, or a lesser charge. If the person is found guilty, or there is a plea bargain, the court imposes sentences, including jail time, probation, fines, public service or participation in educational classes. Contact our law firm to start building a defense to DUI charges today.

An Experienced Colorado DUI/DWAI Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

In the motor vehicle system, you go in front of a hearing officer who determines penalties against your driver’s license. For a first offense, if your blood alcohol level was above .08, you automatically lose your license for nine months, which can be reduced with the installation of an interlock device, for a second offense one year, and if you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test your license will be revoked for one year. You have the right to request a hearing to oppose these punishments, but you must request this hearing within seven days of your initial stop.

Consulting with a skilled Denver DUI lawyer is critical because if you fail to request a hearing properly in the seven days, you lose your license automatically. We can also assist you with the legal requirements after receiving a DWAI charge.

At the DUI/DWAI law office of Ronald M. Aal, our two concerns are preventing you from going to jail and helping you keep your license. We will hire experts to assist in your case, if necessary. We have extensive experience successfully challenging stops and arrests, and blood alcohol test results, such as those involving PBTs and the Intoxilyzer.

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We understand what is at stake in your case and are dedicated to helping you protect your future. Contact us today for your free initial consultation with an experienced and affordable Denver drunk driving defense lawyer. Consultations by telephone are available.