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Denver Drug Charges Defense Attorney

Law enforcement frequently uses deceptive tactics or makes mistakes when collecting evidence in drug cases. Rights are violated, evidence is collected and suddenly an individual is facing serious drug charges with potentially severe consequences. If you have been arrested for drug possession or another drug charge in Colorado, the law office of Ronald M. Aal can provide the vigorous defense representation you need. We fight to protect your rights and freedom.

Contact our Denver, Colorado, law firm to speak with a skilled drug defense attorney. We can work with you to have your charges minimized or even eliminated.

Colorado Drug Possession and Trafficking Defense From a Passionate Lawyer

Our law firm handles the defense against drug charges involving illegal distribution of prescription drugs, such as Vicodin or OxyContin and offenses involving all types of illegal drugs, such as heroin, methamphetamine (meth) and designer drugs, such as Ecstasy. We are experienced in defending clients charged with:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug distribution/sale
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Possession/trafficking of chemicals for manufacture or cultivation
  • Prescription drug fraud

Aggressively Advocating for Your Rights

You have rights. However, police are notorious for taking advantage of defendants and abusing these rights. Our criminal defense attorney protects your rights — in and out of the courtroom. Often, the most important defense in drug cases involves evaluating how the evidence was obtained. If it was collected illegally, that evidence should not be used against you in trial.

We determine if there were search warrant violations, Miranda rights violations or other violations of your rights. We then vigorously pursue motions to suppress any evidence that was illegally collected, weakening the case against you.

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