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The law office of Ronald M. Aal, located in Denver, Colorado, provides skilled criminal defense services. Attorney Ronald Aal has provided aggressive, thorough criminal defense representation for over 35 years and can help you protect your rights and future. We represent clients facing all levels of criminal offenses, including defense for issues related to drunk driving, drug possession, fraud and domestic violence.

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Denver Criminal Defense Practice

Drunk driving : Drunk driving (DUI/DWAI/DWI) charges need to be taken seriously. In order to protect your rights it is important to contact an attorney immediately after being arrested for drunk driving. We understand the impact these charges can have on you and your future, and are committed to securing the best possible results for you.

Domestic violence : Our office has extensive experience counseling clients who have been accused of domestic violence-related charges. If a Mandatory Protective Order (restraining order) has been issued against you, it is important for you to talk to an attorney who understands the issues related to domestic violence charges, and is committed to protecting your rights and interests — now and into the future.

Drug charges : If you have been arrested following a drug bust or traffic stop, it is critical to have an attorney who is experienced in defending against drug charges. Attorney Ronald M. Aal has the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate the evidence against you and provide the most effective drug defense representation possible. We handle all drug charges, including drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking and other drug crimes. We can also consult with clients who want to cultivate, distribute or open a dispensary for medical marijuana .

White collar crimes : The federal government aggressively pursues defendants for alleged white collar criminal acts. Our criminal defense law firm has the resources, investigation skills and trial skills to take on your defense. We handle a multitude of white collar crime cases, including forgery, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft and other white collar offenses.

Other criminal charges : Our firm represents clients charged with all felony and misdemeanor offenses, including those related to murder, burglary, theft, assault, battery, menacing, criminal mischief, rape and sex crimes. In addition, we help clients navigate record-sealing proceedings (expungement proceedings) in order to seal court, police and Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records. We can also help you protect and defend your gaming license .

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