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Recently, Colorado has passed legislation legalizing the sale and use of medical marijuana. However, the laws are still unclear and there are many issues still being sorted out, such as where medical marijuana dispensaries can be located, the number that can be opened and how to properly credential providers.

More importantly, under federal law it is still a crime to use, sell, cultivate, possess or distribute medical marijuana. This means that even if you attempt to open a dispensary under Colorado law the federal authorities can still shut down the operation and charge you with a federal drug crimes charge.

Attorney Ronald M. Aal consults with clients who are attempting to obtain a medical marijuana license or open up a legitimate dispensary. He can help you understand the current laws and make sure you are in compliance with them. If you are charged under federal law with marijuana possession or any other drug charge arising from your participation with this new, emerging area of the state law, we will defend you aggressively. Whether it is negotiating with prosecutors or arguing for a not-guilty verdict at trial, we will be by your side to protect your rights and your record. We offer experience at an affordable price.

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