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July 2012 Archives

Lakewood man arrested for domestic violence, death of girlfriend

Lakewood police know that when they answer a domestic violence call, that they should expect anything. In some instances a couple will both deny that anything is amiss. Sometimes each person accuses the other of violence. Occasionally the violence is turned toward the police officers.

Not guilty verdict: 5 counts of criminally-negligent homicide

It is widely reported that more than 90 percent of criminal cases never go before a jury. When someone is charged with a crime, a criminal defense attorney will typically lay out the pros and cons of accepting a plea deal, but in the end each person who is charged with a crime must make their own decisions. Is it better to take a plea or go all the way to a jury trial?

Lakewood hit-and-run accident results in speedy arrest

When a state such as Colorado wants to discourage certain types of behavior, the state legislature can increase the punishment for that type of crime. The state has done that with hit-and-run accidents. Colorado's House Bill 1084 has made a hit-and-run accident that results in serious bodily injury a Class 4 felony. This makes hit-and-run consequences the same as drunk driving consequences. The law becomes effective on Aug. 7.

Child pornography charges filed against Denver man

Defending child pornography charges can be difficult. That said, there are ways to prove someone's innocence due to the possibility of inappropriate images mistakenly ending up on a person's computer or in their possession. It is much more difficult to defend the creation of child pornography video.

Grand Junction bath salts strangulation is not criminally charged

Bath salts are being marketed under names like "Ivory Wave," "Zoom" and "White Girl." Because they carry a label which says they are not-for-human-consumption, they can be sold legally. The 19-year-old had allegedly taken "White Girl" the night he died.

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